Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5 habits of Drinking that trigger Obesity

Ladies, You might think that only the eating habits could risk gain weight and makeyou fat. But it turns out your drinking habits are also noteworthy. This may beunexpected, but from the drinks, you can hoard excess calories that would later add toyour weight.

As quoted from www.womenshealthmag.com, there are some drinking habits thatcould trigger obesity, among others is

Drinking fruit juice is very healthy, if you make it directly from the fresh fruit. But if you want healthy but just buy a diet juice packaging, then you won't get anything. Bottledjuice often claiming to be very good to diet even contain a lot of sugar and calories.

In addition, if you drink juice, do not be filtered or added sugar, because of excess fruitis at seratnya. When you only take extracts only, you do not have the benefit of a fibrefruit. So, when drinking juice, do not select a packaging and purchased atsupermarkets, include all the fruit and sugar that were given do not have healthybenefits.

2. Not drinking enough
Not many realize that water is very important in losing weight. Water is a very goodnatural Detox out all waste or toxins in the body. If you are not drinking enough, it will also be difficult for calorie burning and disposal of waste in the body.

This is especially crucial when you exercise. You will need a lot more water becausedehydration and water will ease the return of energy calorie burning more dna.

3. Drink diet soda
Never trust a diet, or even drink soda. If you drink carbonated beverages or non-carbonated, you will very likely increase the calories in the body, and makes the pile of fat in the body. Soda is very bad for the body, especially with the addition of artificialsugar and preservatives and contains no other nutrients.

4. drinking coffee
Drinking coffee may be healthy when one or two times in a week, but not to drink on a daily basis and even 3 cup a day. Coffee has a high calorie diet, especially if you ask forextra cream or milk into the coffee.

So, it is better not to drink plenty of bottled drinks, coffee, or adding sugar into your juice. It would be better, and make it a habit much to drink plain water to anywhere yaLadies.

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